Once XT is hired as the asset gathering partner of an alternative asset management firm, a complete “marketing audit” of the firm’s current marketing and sales strategy will be performed. Here, XT will review the product design and all sales literature and collateral material currently in use. XT will also analyze the current client relationships, current prospects and determine the most opportune target market segments for each product offered to the institutional and family office markets. Through dialogue with in-house resources, XT will assess and make recommendations as to any suggested changes in the print material and will facilitate making the agreed upon changes, working closely with the in-house resources.

If necessary, XT will facilitate the creation of all marketing communication including print materials used in new business presentations, “mail aheads” and “leave behinds”, and “capabilities brochures” by working with in-house staff. XT will also work closely with senior management to discuss and determine the desired branding and market perception of the firm. The market awareness of the desired brand is a key deliverable that XT executes.

A Marketing Plan of which the Sales Plan is a critical part will be developed for all products being sold. XT will ensure that, as part of what is commonly known as “real marketing”, all products are designed and positioned appropriately to achieve success in the US Institutional and Family Office markets over both the short and long term.