Money Manager Selection Process

XT Capital Partners is very selective in determining with whom they want to partner and this selection process is robust and consistently applied. There are many criteria that are used to ensure that the money manager’s goals and expectations are met. Some of these criteria are:

  • Is the product appropriate for institutional investors and will it satisfy a critical need or meet a specific objective of the money owner?
  • Is the product scaleable and is there capacity to manage significant amounts in the discipline?
  • Is there an absolute and relative performance history that is attractive, able to be reproduced given the stability of the investment professional team and the investment process, and are the reported returns and risk levels compliant with existing measurement standards in the industry?
  • Does the money manager appreciate the complexity of the asset gathering process and will they be supportive of this process given the time it may take to gain momentum?
  • Is the money manager predisposed to working with XT as a true partner, to providing the necessary financial and human resources, and expending the effort required to ensure mutual success?