XT believes that to be a successful partner with Investment Managers a very close working relationship is required to effectively expand their assets under management. To that end, XT necessarily interacts with key investment professionals and business managers at the money manager client on a regular basis. XT also believes that Alternative Asset Managers, who are extremely accomplished in their skill sets and craft, prefer to spend the majority of their time producing Alpha for their clients. By partnering with XT, these asset managers can focus on what they do best, managing money, because with XT, they will have engaged seasoned professionals ensuring that the marketing, sales and relationship management aspects of running an investment management firm are being handled by the most qualified team available in this industry. XT recognizes that each investment management firm is a unique blend of skills, resources, and personalities and that the specific components necessary to achieve asset growth goals will differ. Recognizing the foregoing, XT provides a customized solution for each of its clients.